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Scientists have discovered a different Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans who are threatening life on Earth

Scientists have discovered a different Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans who are threatening life on Earth .These following facts were published in The Borowitz Report, Minneapolis.It claims that Scientists have founded mighty new strain of humans who resistant to learning facts, which is a crucial ability humans have over other species which helped them to adapt every situation. The sole existence of these beings seem to threaten the capability of Earth to harbor life- a regrettable new study claims.

Scientists at University of Minnesota who conducted the research has identified a threatening  strain of humans who are almost resistant to any form of provable knowledge and information, thus leaving scientist  hard to imagine a way to combat this threat to human existence.Dr. Davis Logsdon the pioneering scientist behind this study has said that these so called fact resistant humans seem to have all the abilities and brain structures developed which are necessary to obtain and process information, furthermore he states that yet anyhow these fact resistant humans have established resistances that reduced the capacity of those abilities and faculties making them almost totally inactive making all attempts and resolutions to combat them futile.

Furthermore to confirm the suspicions of all of us Dr. Davis Logsdon said that as the number of facts have hugely increased in the recent years their resistances against learning those facts have not only grown more powerful the but more sophisticated too.Now since scientists have no any clear understanding of the reactions that happen in the bodies of these fact resistant humans from grabbing information, scientists speculate that the strain might also have gained the capacity to interrupt and discard information via the auditory nerve towards the brain. Dr. Logsdon further stated that the typical roles of human awareness have been completely abolished.

We must not lose hope because during the confirming period of the miserable calculations of the research, Logsdon stated that there is a little window of hope that the danger of fact-resistant humans could be eradicated in the future. In fact Logsdon says that their research is very maiden, yet it’s completely likely that the fact resistant humans will become more receptive to facts once they are exposed to an environment without water, food or oxygen.