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A scientific study finds that bald men are more sexy and masculine

Back then, it was common that, when the glimmering, light reflecting off a scalp of a bald man was simply the topic of mockery and shame, or just a result of straightforward hair loss. However things have changed with time, since a multitude of studies claim that bald men taking the lead in the laws of attraction.Most of the men, almost 85% of them, when they reach their early fifties have significantly thinning hair, according to the American Hair Loss Association.

Although men absolutely hate it when they notice hair loss, women don’t give a damn about that. In fact they might be perceiving it as being sexier.  Dwayne Jonson- the Rock, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel, are just three of many bald-headed sex idols that women unquestionably admire. Well don’t take me wrong it’s not just celebrity bald men that are sexy. Science has proved that women do find bald men more masculine and handsome. Keep on reading the article below if you want to find out more!

What the study find out?
Albert E. Mannes , who is a pretty bald man himself at the University of Pennsylvania, carried out the research.  Totally three experiments were carried out to examine the connection in between shaved heads and insights of masculine supremacy.The initial investigation was carried out with fifty nine female students who were shown photos of twenty five male students. All the photographs were similar and each male student was snapped on an equal background attired with a dark suit and a tie above the chest. Fifteen of the men had various hairstyles and ten men were bald. The results were of course what we expected which indicated that men with shaved heads are apparently perceived as dominant thus discrediting the previous studies and myths which linked baldness with reduced attractiveness.

The next experiment included 344 individual participants. They were requested to rate eight photos of men based on various characteristics. All the photos belonged to only four men. This time the experiment was a bit daunting than the previous one. One man was photo’d twice once without hair and the other with hair. Well they didn’t cut their hair for the sake of taking a photograph, the photos were photo shopped. Albert E. Mannes founded out that in contrast to their photos with hair, men whose hair was digitally removed in their photographs were viewed as more dominant and masculine. Amusingly the men photographed were perceived 13% much stronger and an inch and a half taller when their hair was photo shopped and removed compared with their heads with hair. In this experiment the dependent variable is whether the participants are shaved or not. Which means that their altered hair is the only difference between the two photos of each participant, other factors can’t in no way or the other be accountable for these results.

The concluding study recruited 552 members. They were given the oral explanation of a man was urged to type the explanation word by word. Each and every member had the exact same narrative excluding the info about the man’s hair. Conclusions showed that John a participant in the experiment were viewed by people being more dominant when described with a shaved head in contrast to with hair.

Why are bald men viewed as being sexy?
A research says that bald men are viewed as being more sexy, more masculine, dominant and stronger. Not only that bald men are also viewed as having a much larger leadership potential when compared to men with hair. This study was published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal.

Albert E. Mannes says that he was astonished seeing the results but also states that it might be the baldness of the head or the act of shaving the head that fuels the discernment about bald men. Why because, back then shaving the head was considered a disgrace. Though it is not considered such a disgrace those traces of feelings left by evolution in people’s minds are still there. Mostly among men there is a social norm in which they view shaving the head as a disgrace. So somebody who dares enough to shave his head in order to face against this social norm must be a whole hell of a lot courageous. The experiments carried out showed that men with hair were classified less dominant than men who took the wits to shave their heads.

At once if you look at a person a shaved head is visibly more attractive than a head with hair and that is the reason why the leading author of the experiment proposes men enduring natural hair loss may increase attractiveness and dominance just by shaving their heads. So my advice to folks out there. You have no reason to worry about hair loss what so ever.

The significance of this study goes further than strength and sexiness. It gives hope to millions of bald guys giving them pulses of self-esteem and avoiding them from losing their most valued possession, self-confidence. Now this study is specifically essential for men who are spending a ton money and fortune on growth hair transplants, serums, and various, useless products and treatments, that vows to miraculously bring back the original hair but will rarely live up to the expectation of the one using this

Typically men feel wary about hair loss. The main thing affected is their confidence which takes a major flop as soon as they find some spots without hair or some spots with thin hair. Anyways being bald is not the worst thing in the world that can happen to a man. In truth what turns out to be a disgrace to men is actually a coin in an old jacket with multiple benefits to men, as shown by the prior said researches. All together the conclusion is that bald men are viewed as more dominant, well-built and better leaders, sexier, and more masculine than their counterparts.