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Stop capturing your own photos in the old style, now try it in the modern way with this self-directed drone

Now its possible to let this drone to be your personal photographer. The Hover Camera Passport drone is now on the world market its now on a price of $ 349.99 for a limited time. This has a new feature which could detect your face while it is on the air following you without any control.This selfie drone can be used at any place, In 2017 Award winner was Red Hot design, because it can be easily fold into a small bit and pack in the back pocket or in the purse, the weight of this is about 242 grams so it makes very comfortable to travel far even with it. Because of its travel friendly features, you can release this and let it do its work for you, so what you have to do is that just to go on for your position while this works for you. So it will capture up to a 360 degree panoramic videos of you and your surroundings.We don’t need to control or bother about this self-directed drone while its in operation, as it can control itself. When you just think that you want to capture a photo you just need to have a hand signal. These devices are at the latest artificial intelligence so it consolidates its performance.You are able to by the Hover 4k camera passport drone for $349.99The major advantage of the Hover Camera Passport drone is that:

• Its portable, can be turned into a very small size which suits for a small bag or purse.
• Able to capture photos easily and quickly with hand signals.
• It can capture 360 degree panoramic videos of the present environment.
• Its face detection technology is the most important thing on the drone, as use of that technology the drone fly with its own control and follow us while walking and capture us.
• Sealed carbon fiber form offers mid-air to take in.
• Firmware updates supplies good updates, modern feature and very sensitive artificial intelligence and much more.

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