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Is it impossible to introduce new phones with removable batteries in the future?

When there is a problem, Apple use to apologize. It’s normally used by stupid people. The problem in Apple is that the iPhones got slowed down with old batteries and the company didn’t want to replace batteries they wanted to sell another new phone instead of that.So lots of people forgive the company and agreed with its both future plans, a $29 battery replacement and a software update which will reduce the battery consumption, These both ways will help to manage a good battery health at the same time some people want the company to create phones with removable batteries, where they can take an extra battery while they travel or unable to charge. It’s a good idea, it seems to have no future, and those removable batteries where in 90s.There are options like to exchange the phone’s battery.

So it’s useless of informing Apple Company to introduce an iphone with a removable battery, as it never happens. It’s too sure because the Apple Company has always introduced iphones with sealed batteries. There are two options for you to choose to replace your battery, either you can visit The Apple Company and get it repaired or you can buy some tools and remove your phone’s battery and replace it but it is a thesis that will avoid your Phone’s warranty. In the past 2007 January the first iphone was introduced to the world, with a sealed battery by Steve Jobs. So it was so hard to decide whether to buy an iphone or some other phone with a removable battery, as the other phones are built with a removable batteries. As the most of the Android phones are operated by removable batteries so from that character iphone is much different, as iphones are made with a sealed battery. You will see the difference clearly when you see an iphone and an Android phone.Android Phone can’t be called as a phone with a removable battery according to my view it’s very unfair to call it so. There are phones with removable batteries but they have no brand or name. Samsung introduced 2 designs with removable batteries, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note that’s on 2014. The LG Company also introduced a phone called G5 with a removable battery in it, that’s in 2016.

Let’s look about the other features.
So why have the company stop producing phones with exchanging batteries? I think that you know the answer, but the real answer is that everyone is coping the apple. The phone designers and the company have decided to go ahead with sealed batteries, because there are many advantages.

  • Lots of great designs: Removable batteries are good, just have a look at the Galaxy S5 and Note4 check whether there are similarities? They both have plastic backs, so it’s easy to remove the battery. It’s a good feature, but the problem is that the people always need the best of all. Note 4 has a metal frame, The S5 has a plastic body. The next Samsung product S6 is made of Glass and metal like a sandwich in layers. The Samsung Company is happy about its production, as all the products are successful. Metal and glass bodies doesn’t match together well. But the LG G5 was designed with metal and glass, the phones with sealed batteries are very slim.
  • Water Proof: Though the phone got wet with water, if it fall into a pool or got wet by rain, if it’s without any problem there is no fun other than anything. As the phone has no much openings and the phone is seal so there will be no problem, As well as the most phones and this is also dust proof, so it will protect your device from sand and dust.

More room for other things: It’s useless of speaking of all the features, but a removable battery is not much suitable for a modern phones such as a sealed battery, a removable battery needs more protection as it is open to external impacts, so the thickness of the phone is high due to the removable battery’s thickness.
Different shaped batteries: Removable batteries are so limited and there are many different shapes like triangles and rectangles it make easy to install and uninstall. Most new batteries are in new designs to grab out more power, for an example LG G2 has a battery with curved edges to prevent battery getting loss than having strait edges.
It’s the time to change now.

I know why people ask for a phone with a removable battery. Removable batteries are more environment friendly as people gets it maximum usage without throwing. A new battery will handle all new software updates smoothly than an old battery, Removable batteries are very useful to keep it as an extra and it will be helpful too when we have no time to charge. But as the floppy disk slot and PS/2 port extinct, it’s time to get connected with removable batteries. You would be able to get an iphone with a removable battery, but the iphones has a high market because of its sealed battery in the forthcoming the phones will get more sealed and some more features in it to save battery power.

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