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Best future Android phones worth waiting for in 2018

The advent of Android phones to the mobile communications market has created an equally or fiercer competition among the manufacturers and sellers of these phones.While world renowned mobile phone manufacturing companies like Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Sony etc. redesign, upgrade and add more user friendly features, and introduce such handsets to the market, they are more often than not snapped up within days! But no sooner a model reaches the market another version is usually in the pipeline and to be followed.The year 2017 saw a whole lot of Android mobile telephone models reaching the market amidst bouquets and brickbats.However, these reputed companies are to introduce their latest Android phones to the market as early as mid-January 2018. Hence, based on rumors as well as leaked official information, the following are the best future Android phones worth waiting for in 2018.

Nokia Corporation is rumored to be preparing to release its latest version, the ‘Nokia 9’. It would probably be an upgraded version of the ‘Nokia 8’ but, according to available information, with a larger 5.7 inch display with a ratio of 18:9 and also with an additional 2GB RAM. It also continues with the waterproof and curved edge casing.
It has good news for selfie addicts too. It is said to be equipped with 12Mp and 13Mp dual-rear cameras and a 5Mp selfie camera with autofocus function and f/2.0 and f/2.4 apertures. The camera lens has been confirmed as from the popular Zeiss optics with also wide-angle photography and 2x telephoto zoom.
Samsung Group, the South Korean multi-national company too is to introduce its Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ to the market this year.

According to the business website Bloomberg, the Galaxy S9 will be revealed in February 2018 and would reach the market by March this year. It is also rumored that the phone would be similar to the existing Galaxy models but with upgraded camera systems.There is nothing confirmed on the features of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, but most observers says that the Android phone manufacturer ay stay with a similar design as that of the Samsung Note 8. It is expected to have very thin bezels at the top and bottom of its display, providing a better display of the entire screen. Some rumours say that it would include a fingerprint sensor within the display.Meanwhile, the Japanese Android telephone manufacturer Sony Corporation too has not been idle so far. It is to announce the release of the Sony Xperia XZ2 with almost all the features Sony fans are looking for probably at the Mobile World Congress to be held from 26 February to 01 March 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

The new features are said to include many radical changes. The most significant among these changes is said to be its giant screen covering 90 per cent of the phone’s front. It also has 12 megapixel rear cameras to add more depths to images that are not usually found on mobile phone cameras.Apple too is in the competition and is expected to launch its Apple iPhone 9. While there are guesses that the next line of its phones would not be named iPhone 9 but something else like iPhone 8S.There are possibilities of changing its stainless steel back to aluminium to cut down costs. It is expected to have the same 19:9 ratio display screen while using the Face ID.
It is expected to be launched somewhere in October 2018.These are only a few of what Android phones could be expected in 2018. However, it would not be surprising if some manufacturer or the other comes out with an entirely new innovation.

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