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What does your birth month bird says about you

Our birth month has a respective bird used as a indication or a symbol to represent,and these birds mentions something about our personality.Choose your birth month and be ready for what it reveals you about you.

  • January(Owl)

    You can be considered the one who rarely starts up a arguments or disagreements.You do much prefer people find a productive way to work out issues.You do not prefect to argue but always stand up for self defense.You do not change your mind unless it is a clear and specific reason.
  • February(Indigo Bunting)

    You are considered extremely generous in all sense of the world! You always give away what you have as your time,emotion and energy.You try to live your life at its fullest.You always try to give a positive feedback but you are very truthful.Be careful because your honestly takes you to trouble.
  • March(Robin)

    You are a person with faith on yourself and you are comfortable with who you are.When things get hard it is the best to trust your heart and not the opinions of others:when you next encounter hardship go deep to rely on your open and giving nature to get you though the problem.
  • April(Wilsons Warbler)

    You are a kind person who is generous with your time, emotions, and feelings.There are sometimes you do not feel so.If you someday feel shy or not good enough always know you can reply on thyself.
  • May(Nightingale)

    Your personality is always trying to be nice to others.You are sensitive on how others pick up on you and feel about you.This is wonderful because it makes you a very understanding person.Friends and relations feel about this which make them feel protected near you.
  • June(Dove)

    You are considered a honest,straight forward and upright person.You know no other way of being but to be yourself.You dont lie to others just to make yourself feel good,or you do not act like a big shot to show others who you are.Perhaps you are not a good lier.
  • July(Eagle)

    Even though you thru times of slef doubt you are strong in your heart and has a brilliant mind.You do not need to put others down to feel good about yourself. And you do not try to copy others but you want to be yourself.If others cannot deal with you,it is not your problem but it is the problem of others.
  • Augest(Kingfisher)

    You are feeling good with yourself and you do not need to be someone else to feel good.If people do not like who you are ,you would not be willing to change because you are perfect as you are.
  • September(Red Tail Hawk)

    you ignore fads and trends and stay true to your own unique are honest to a fault and find it hard to lie to someone.People notice this and respect you for it.You treat everyone equally and do not change who you are not matter who you are with.
  • October(Swan)

    You are a graceful and a beautiful person…just like your birth month bird!You do not gossip around or say a thing to someones face and something behind their are a staight forward person with a natural inclination to be open and upfront.
  • November(Kestral)

    You are an individual who thinks or say things because that is what is expected.You follow your own heart and soul doing your own expectation.Some people find you too straight forward.but dont change this behaviour of yours.
  • December(Raven)

    You are balanced,open minded and fair.You let others live theirlives and you do not try to take over their lives.You never think that you are better than other people.You are humble,but you try to always belive in yourself!

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